2018 Shari Puorto Band Promo piece

HD Full Concert - Waterfront Blues Festival, 2017

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"Shari melds Susan Tedeschi self-taught soul, Bonnie Raitt's country-rock sweetness and just a touch of Melissa Ethridge rasp." - Adam Joseph, Monterey Country Weekly

"She is a world class vocalist with a voice like no other and as far as I'm concerned, other artists should be compared to her, not that other way around. I haven't found this much soul in a white chick since....well, ever!" - American Blues News, Casey Reagan, Writer

If you've been here before, you should have no doubt that Ms. Puorto is a fabulous singer. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, she's right up there with Bonnie Brameltt in my pantheon of soulful blues singers, and I don't give higher praise than that..." - Blues Matters! Stuart Hamilton - Writer

Shari is Endorsed by: AKG/Harmon Microphones
"Shari has always provided an honest and powerful musical experience that strikes at the core of what music is all about. Great energy, original material, a true group performance, and a talent that reaches off the stage to touch the audience." Joe Wagoner, AKG/Harmon


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