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Delbert McClinton & Shari - 9/11/16

Delbert McClinton & Shari - 9/11/16

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Do you get your copy of MY Obsession yet?

Do you get your copy of MY Obsession yet?


Shari is Endorsed by: AKG/Harmon Microphones
"Shari has always provided an honest and powerful musical experience that strikes at the core of what music is all about. Great energy, original material, a true group performance, and a talent that reaches off the stage to touch the audience." Joe Wagoner, AKG/Harmon


MY Obsession, released 10/15

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Review, Stuart Hamilton

Blues Matters! & The Rocker, Review of "MY Obsession", 10/2015, Writer Stuart Hamilton
Nobody said it was a fair and just world, because if it were, then the name of Shari Puorto would be writ large alongside the big names in the world of modern blues.  I’ve been following her career for a while now, and a good few years on from “Real”, I’m delighted to report that she is back with another fantastic album.
"Vocally, Ms Puorto is as good as she’s ever been, heading off into areas the likes of Bonnie Bramlett reached at her peak, and you’d be hard pushed to hear a better soulful blues singer on the circuit today. She is mining that seventies Muscle Shoals vibe to great effect."

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Blues Matters! Review of Real

Review "Real" 

It's been a while since "Down The Road" was out, and even though I was privy to some of these tracks as long ago as October 2009, it's a real treat to see the CD arrive in its finished format. Especially, as this has more blues than I expected, and is a right wee gem.

If you've been here before, you should have no doubt that Ms Puorto is a fabulous singer. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, she's right up there with Bonnie Bramlett in my pantheon of soulful blues singers, and I don't give higher praise than that. Of this, her third CD, Ms Puorto says "While you listen to this CD, I hope you go on a ride and feel something old, something new, as I stay true to keeping the music's meaning and message: Direct, Open, Raw and Real." More of this review at, Blues Matters website


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